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Pelion » Argalasti

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Argalasti village, Pelio Greece
Lafkos Pelion

Argalasti is a renowed village, one of the main ones, interesting from an architectural point of view. On the buildings are traces of medieval even ancient structure elements which add something unique to the style and atmosphere of the village.

Visit to the nearby Monastery of Agios Nikolaos, set in a magnificent landscape is a must. It should be noted that in this area have been found ruins of ancient and Byzantine buildings, as well as artifacts of the classical period, something that is found in the traditional houses of Argalasti.

Following the road descending to the sea we come across the picturesque and seaside village of Horto.

About 16 km from Argalasti lies the village of Lafkos (second picture on the right). It is a quiet, picturesque spot with a charming square where the visitor can enjoy the coolness of the plane trees in their shade. The natural beauty of the area which combines the sea and the country green impresses the visitors a great deal.

Finally the visitor can take the road to Platsi, a summer settlement with an amazing beach of crystal clear waters.

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