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Lipsi - A gem in the Aegean

Lipsi Island Greece

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Lipsi is a very small (16 and quiet island, with most of its excellent beaches to be within walking distance. The place is ideal for those who prefer tranquil holidays or from day trippers from Patmos and Leros. There are excellent beaches with crystal clear water, which are within a walking distance. Most of the tavernas serve excellent food and for the case of an overnight stay (which is recommended) there is a choice of accommodation (hotels, studios, rooms).

According to mythology, Odysseus was held on Lipsi for seven years under a spell of the sea nymph Calypso.

  • Getting There

    There is ferry link from Piraeus. There is also service from Patmos and Leros (flight service between Athens and Leros), Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Symi, Arki (Arkoi).

  • Getting Around

    Walking is best way to explore the island - it will take about two hours to cross it. There are some irregular caique trips around the island.

Lipsi Beaches

Lipsi map Hochlakoura, sandy beach
Kambos, sandy beach
Katsadia, string of sandy coves
Kyra Vassilaina, sandy beach
Lendou, nice sandy beach shaded with trees
Monodendri, sandy beach
Platis Yialos, wonderful, wide sandy beach

Worth a visit

There are several small churches and monasteries scattered around the island.
Panaghia tou Harou Church: quite worthy visiting for the typicality of its architectural style (purely islander, Byzantine in perception yet austere and unpretentious). Once specialists decide to study this construction more closely, there will certainly be some very interesting conclusions drawn referent to the time the church was built (some time between the 7th or 8th Century AC. There is a holy icon of the Virgin in this church, reputed to be of miraculous powers, depicting Mary holding Jesus Crucified. The uniqueness of the concept and the artfulness of the rendition make of this icon one of the brightest moments in hagiography.

Agios Ioannis Theologos (Saint John Evangelist), the building of which was financed by Lipsian immigrants. The church of Koimisis tis Theotokou (Dormition of Mary), dominating the ante-port picturesque little bay bearing the same name. Set in a green, endearing landscape, this construction is certain to enchant visitors who often come to quench their thirst at the spring nearby. Also to be found there: reliquaries containing the remains of monks reduced to martyrdom, slain by the Turks during the dark years of the Ottoman rule.

Touring Lipsi Island

Lendou beach, Lipsi is the main settlement of the island and is based around the port. The church of Agios Ioannis holds a famous miraculous icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary). Panagia tou Harou is another interesting chapel (built in 17th century). In Lendou, there is the Nikoforeion Ecclesiastical Museum with an odd collection of finds (traditional customes), a letter written by Admiral Miaoulis, etc.
The nearby beaches are Lendou and Kambos.

Getting around
Katsadia beach is almost an hour's walk from Lendou. There is a taverna and rooms to stay.
Monodendri is at the same distance and is a pretty and quiet beach.
Platis Yialos, the best beach of the island, just an hour's walk, has a taverna.

Useful Info

Population: 700
Distance from Piraeus Port: 171 Nautical Miles
Health Center: 22470 41204
Police: 22470 41222
Port Authority: 22470 41240

More about Lipsi

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