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Pelion » Agios Dimitrios

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Agios Dimitrios, Pilio
Agios Dimitrion in Pelion Mountain, Greece

Agios Dimitrios, one of the famous villages on Pelion on the eastern side of the mountain is located in a fully green landscape and overlooks the Aegean Sea.

Here, the old cobbled streets are expecting to guide you through dreaming sights to traditional squares and virgin woods. A truly exciting stroll through the unique heavenly nature of sparkling waters and colorful trees.

In Pelion each season has its own unique color and Agios Dimitrios takes pride in having the most well known beach throughout Pelion, Agios loannis.

Nature's palette turns Agios Dimitrios into gold. September is the best time for vacation in the village. In Agios loannis you will find calm and warm sea, clear atmosphere and not so much crowd. Walk up the hill paths to Agios Dimitrios and visit the churches and chapels with the old frescos and wood sculpted temples. Agios Georgios - Panagia - Agios loannis Theologos - Agios Dimitrios - Metamorphosis tou Sotiros churches.

Christmas - New year's eve - Halloween (last half of February) and that's not all. Enjoy the snow covered landscape of Agios Dimitrios from your traditional hotel or guest house. Sitting beside the fire place the tales said by the locals could be endless. Pelion's wintertime gourmet and the flavoring local wine guarantee you unforgettable taste delight. Hania winter sports center on the top of the mountain is only 25 km far from here.

Nature's renaissance! Witness the spectacular landscape transformation. Walk along the cobbled streets of Agios Dimitrios, feel its beauty among the newly sprung trees. Get a taste of Pelion's Easter delicacies. Celebrate the first day of May where is worth to do, and dance along with the local people on the outdoor festival of Agios loannis o Theologos chapel, on May the 8th.

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