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Lakonia » Mani

  • Monemvassia
  • Monemvassia
  • Gythio Town
  • Elafonissos Island
  • Diros Caves
  • Vathia
Lakonian Inner Mani
Mani Lakonia Peloponnese
Mani Kotronas, Lakonia Peloponnese
Kokkala beach in Mani Peloponnese

Mani stretches from Gythio to Cape Tainaro the mythical entrance to the underworld. It is a wild landscape and maybe nowhere in Greece does a region seem so close to its medieval past.

In Mani are 98 out of the 118 traditional settlements existing in Peloponnese. It is an ideal place to visir all year round. There are plenty beaches with fine sand and pebbles for the summer.

The tower houses (the characteristic of Mani), the Byzantine monuments and the churches are worth a visit. In Mani there are also some of the most important caves in Greece. Local olive oil and honey are of excellent quality.

Towns and villages to visit, Gythio, Areopolis, Oitilo, Diros, Limeni, Gerolimenas, Vathia, Lagia, Kokkala, Halikia, Kotronas.

It is a distinct place with ledgends and traditions, nothing similar all over the world. You will respect it, you will love it.