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Areopoli, Mani
Areopolis, Mani

Areopoli (72 Km south of Sparti) has an austere look and plenty of towers and churches. Its name (the Town of Ares, ancient god of war) was bestwoed for its efforts in the War of Independence.

The town's sights are plenty:

  • The Church of Taxiarhon (17th century) -first picture on the right- in the town centre has medieval look and beautiful frescoes. Here otside the church, the Maniots led by Petrobeis Mavromihalis had their weapons blessed and embarjed on the Struggle for Independance, liberating Kalamata on March 23.

  • Pikoulakis Tower has three storeys, with a strong, two- storey tower-house. It will also become a museum after its restoration. It was there, where in 1826 a few elderly Maniots routed the Agarene troops of the Egyptian Ibrahim; then the Maniot women, armed only with scythes, drove them to the sea at Diros.

  • The Pirgos (Tower) Kapetanakou has been restored as a traditional guesthouse.

  • Mavromihalis Tower. This four-storey tower is surrounded by a large building complex and a tall enclosure, rendering it a real fortress. It is the largest edifice of the area and for many years it served as a school. After its restoration it will house the various findings of Mani

  • The Pirgos (Tower) of Biroulakaou and Pikoulaki.

    Not far from Areopolis, is Limeni, a sea side village with a beach for swimming. There are plenty of hotels, apartments and rooms available.